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Reliable Windows VPS for your MT4 Platforms and Expert Advisors

If you want to run an EA ( Expert Advisor ) on a live or demo forex account 24/7, you need a Windows VPS to host your MT4 platform on it. By using a VPS, you don't need to keep your home or office PC turned on all the time, you can turn off your PC and your EA will continue to do its job on the VPS.

Also because VPS is running in a data center, it has a more reliable internet connectivity and electricity power source and lower risk of disconnection or power loss.

As most traders are using EAs to trade on their accounts, I thought it is necessary to make some recommendations on how to get a good and reliable VPS for MT4 Hosting.

The most important factors for MT4 Hosting are the speed, reliability, internet connectivity and the size of RAM of the VPS. The size of the hard drive space or Bandwidth are not so important as you will mostly be using it for small forex related files and not so much storage of images or music.

A VPS with 10 GB Hard Disk space and 512MB RAM using Windows OS can easily host up to 5 instances of MT4 platform. The amount of RAM each metatrader platform uses depends on a few things. It depends on 1) how you have your MT4 platform configured, 2) the amount of charts you have open in each platform, 3) how many expert advisors or robots you are using in each platform, 4) if you have the sound and news tab enabled, 5) how many Max Bars you have specified in the Max Bar in History section, 6) how many Max Bars you have specified in the Max Bars in Charts section, 7) and last but not least if the specific EA's you are using do not consume a lot of RAM or Memory Usage. For example, EA's such as FapTurbo, Megadroid and Precision to name a few have what is called a spread detection filter that is constantly running in the background and using valuable resources.

Sometime ago I searched a few of the companies who offer this type of VPS and the best one which I found is, so I set up a VPS from them for my own usage and I am extremely happy with them, I've had 100% uptime so far, no disconnections, no slow downs and no problems at all.

The support team have been very nice, helpful and fast through email and most importantly they are familiar with forex and MT4 hosting and they can help with other related issues. I have heard many people state they are having issues with other VPS companies such as slowdowns, disconnections, unwanted restarts and etc. so I thought it would be useful to share my experience with others so they can choose a better company.

So I recommend everyone who needs a windows VPS for MT4 Hosting to sign up right away since they are offering you $15 credit off your first monthly price and before their offer expires. I suggest getting the Starter Plan which is the cheapest plan ($20/mo) and is enough to host up to 5 instances of MT4.   Click here now to orderand save.

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